Intelligent Transportation System

Things to Consider for Previous Transportation Systems

  • Is the product volume too big or small?
  • Is the distribution service agreeable?
  • How to estimate delivery distance?
  • Can data be consolidated real time?
  • How to organize monthly analysis report?
  • Unable to produce reports
  • Estimated Shipping Costs?
  • Trips per vehicle?
  • When to dispatch large or small vehicles?

Flow Chart of the Transportation System


Intelligent Transportation System of vehicles through GA Optimization

Advantages – Customized Transportation Management


Alternative delivery methods (direct delivery, delivery to transfer station), vehicle size, customer environment (depending on customer loading area and which truck size to dispatch), driver scheduling, transportation route and conditions, geographic information, drop-down parameters to produce transportation results.

Advantages – Optimized load factor

Software can determine which truck (large or small) to dispatch based on cargo weight and optimized route for each vehicle. Eliminating multiple deliveries to the same area. 

Advantages – Solving the Uneven Labor Service


Based on previous daily mileage and load records, the system will produce fair mileage and load requirements real-time to solve uneven labor service for truck drivers.

Advantages – Optimized Route to Destination with Mileage


Once the shortest route is mapped out, a web mapping service will display the route and mileage to the destination. Fuel consumption and freight cost of each car can be calculated based on payment methods.

Advantages – Data Analysis

Daily reports can be compared to previous reports to analyze and enhance productivity. Clients will be able to select custom parameters to create custom report.

Advantages – Reports

One-click to show all reports, Driver delivery receipt, and driver’s delivery path.

One-click to show all reports, Driver delivery receipt, and driver’s delivery path

Advantages of the Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Transportation System will provide the most efficient route, quicker customizable reports, and load requirements for each vehicle to find the least amount of trucks required to complete a delivery:

  • Carry out regional transportation management based on regional transportation requirements supports multiple regions bascially.
  • Transportation System is compatible with different vehicle models.
  • Consists of load and volume data analysis to efficienty maximize loading rate.
  • Determine freight rates based on vehicle type, destination, and mileage.
  • Solves labor agreement between drivers by balancing number of deliveries per driver on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Automatically combine bills to save menial work.
  • Intuitive Interface.
  • Clients will be able to customize reports.
  • Delivery receipts are not required for the cloud.
  • Customizable reports based on business preference.