Equipment Policy check

Research on foreign data had pointed out that the 88% of the accidents of labor insecurity were caused by unsafe behavior of the labor, 10% were caused by unsafe conditions in the external environment, and 2% were caused by unpreventable factors. The biggest concern for enterprises is the issue of labor safety especially the construction industry of domestic enterprises, which takes the largest number of labor injuries. The biggest challenge is to protect labor safety within each enterprise.

Ai Vision can solve all kinds of labor safety problems encountered by employers. It can be highly customized according to the needs of the manager. From the internal of the factory to the external construction site, it can identify and analyze the possible schemes of labor insecurity on various fields.

With the connection to the company’s internal system, the system will notify the insecurity of labor to the managers as soon as any employee encounters a dangerous situation. Thus, further movement can be operated immediately. For example, warning the employee with alarms, manager assistance, personnel review and evaluation on members. Ai Vision helps the enterprise decrease the injury and unqualified rate of labor security.